Where’s Lanza?

See my GPS track and reported locations on a map. This is password protected.



World weather.  Search by country and/or city.

VentuSky. Animated weather maps for the whole wide world!


Map Tools

How far can I travel? Enter a starting point, mode of transportation (or estimated speed) and how many hours you expect to be on the road. Will draw a map to all possible destinations based on input.

Radius around a point. Similar to above but here you enter a location and distance and a circle will be drawn around the location indicating the range. It’s as the crow flies but still useful to determine how far you can go in a day.

How high will I be? Not what you’re thinking… will provide an elevation estimate by place name or coordinates. Can drag marker around on map too.

Link to Google Maps.


First Aid and Survival

WebMD common first aid topics.

Armed Forces Survival Guide. In case you need to deal with nuclear fallout and other such annoyances. Ya never know…


A Place to Rest

Airbnb.  Search for rooms (shared or private) in a specified location. Filter on a price range too.

VRBO. Vacation Rentals By Owner. Book a house on your next trip.

Couchsurfing. Stay for free and sleep on someone’s couch! Crappy mobile app available.

BeWelcome. Similar to Couchsurfing.

Hostelz. One stop shopping for hostel searches.

Hipcamp. Search for campsites in all 50 states.

craigslist. Dig into the site for a specific area/region and then look under ‘housing’. Some interesting options usually listed.



Jango internet radio.

Pandora internet radio.

Online Radio Box internet radio.