Posts and Badges



Each blog or post is fundamentally divided into two distinct categories: a section that describes my experiences or impressions and this will read much like a personnel diary. For those that don’t know me personally, I guess the diary-like descriptions may be a little boring. But the diary section is admittedly a selfish endeavor to document my adventures so that when I’m old and gray, I can look back with my dementia and smile at all of the exotic experiences I’ll no longer remember. And hopefully the casual reader will be entertained just the same.  I may also toss in some historical flavor to posts as well. The second aspect of my blogs, interlaced within my observations will be reviews and comments on specific businesses, services, and locations encountered during my travels. These reviews will be somewhat similar to those read in official travel books or magazines but unlike the patty-cake versions often presented by the publishing houses, my reviews are no-holds-barred. If I really like a place, you’ll know it. And if I don’t, you’ll know that too.

I’m a huge fan of photographs and will include them in nearly all my posts. I believe them to be absolutely necessary to help bring reports to life. Try to imagine National Geographic without photos – impossible! I also have a desire to include crisp, high resolution, quality images and unfortunately, the only way to do that is to carry a high-end camera like a digital SLR with a bunch of lenses. It’s a love / hate relationship. I love the great photos, but I hate looking the tourist, raising the odds of  getting mugged, and cutting into my available space for gear. Even though it seems the hate side of the scale wins out, I almost always bring the SLR on my longer trips.

I welcome comments to my posts and each one is generally open to outside comment for 14 days after its published. But please keep in mind that while I respect opposing opinions and that they may differ from my own, I won’t tolerate name calling, insults, threats, etc. I am The Master of My Domain and all such comments will promptly find their way into the porcelain throne and flushed. What I hope for in comments are alternative views or better yet, recommendations for additional things to see or do in the area. For that, I will be forever grateful. Note that comments are relevant to individual posts and are visible to all. Any messages not related to posts can be sent to me via the Contact tab on the lower navigation bar. Those messages are private and only visible to me.


Establishments or locations visited and reviewed may receive one of four badges (or none at all). The badges are intended to showcase places based on their excellent services, product, or value. Or at the extreme bottom of the pile, the lack thereof. I realize a big problem with this rating system is that a place has but one chance (usually) to make their mark, either good or bad. And while a normally decent place can have a bad day and put me off, I hope to not spear them through the heart unless it is definitely warranted. The four badges possible are:

  1.     The Wandering Nomad Excellence Badge: Awarded to establishments that provided an outstanding overall experience based on product, service, and/or value. This badge by definition is very difficult to achieve.
  2.    The Wandering Nomad Recommended Badge: Awarded to businesses or locations that left a lasting and favorable impression.
  3.    The Wandering Nomad Warning Badge: Given to overrated establishments and/or places that are perceived as unsafe, filthy, rude, or extremely poor value for the money.
  4.    The Wandering Nomad Bunghole Badge: Reserved for the lowest of the low. Places that should be out of business and not deserving of a single cent of their patron’s cash. By definition, this badge is very difficult to achieve.