The Wandering Nomad


Who is the Wandering Nomad? There’s a picture of me to the left. A stunningly handsome man with titanic physical abilities, I was born back in 1959 in the State of Illinois,  United States of America. Through my mid-twenties I had always thought travel was sort of silly: why would I spend my limited resources on something so fleeting when I could own a cool camera, stereo, xBox, or whatever for years? But then I somehow got the travel bug, realizing that it’s travel and the knowledge gained from other peoples and cultures that helps mold and define a person.

I guess you might categorize me as a Type A personality. I like to think the ‘A’ stands for adventure. I got my class ‘M’ endorsement on my license when I was 18 and I’ve owned three bikes: 2 Hondas and now, a Triumph. I’ve ridden snowmobiles for over twenty years in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the province of Ontario. I have a pilots license (VFR ASEL) and have participated in aerobatic flight. I’ve been skydiving 6 times and hold a PADI scuba certification. I’ve visited 16 countries and territories and I like to think the travels have just begun.

My given name is unimportant. I prefer to remain somewhat anonymous. My trail name is Lanza Romanza, bestowed on me many years ago by a friend while snowmobiling through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since then, many of my friends and fellow Wandering Nomad traveling companions have taken on similar aliases, including:

  • Rod O. Steel
  • Hugh G. Rection
  • Buster Hymen
  • Sly Durin
  • Crevan Moorehead
  • Milo Johnson
  • Peter Cumswell
  • Barry Mypole
  • Heidi Johnson
  • Mae I. Swahlo

Yeah, I know… it’s all so juvenile and sophomoric! But we’ll never be accused of being stuffy or uptight.